More and more everyday products are being designed with an eye to environmental sustainability and recycling. The boating industry and its allied industries, rarely but not too often, are acting as drivers to create innovative initiatives.

Eco” sunglasses

Have you ever thought of producing sunglasses from the scraps of marine plywood from a wooden boat? Whether it’s a yes or a no, it doesn’t matter because the Zen brand has already thought of it, a brand that has always been linked to the builders of self-built wooden boats or small shipyards and to the artisan shipwrights.

Have we intrigued you? Find the glasses (in a range of six models) HERE.

Handmade, floating, ultra-protective

A range of different models of glasses, designed for all tastes. Their peculiarity is that they are handmade and therefore unique, the lenses are polarized and coated in such a way as to increase visibility during exposure to very intense rays of light and is also designed to reduce the reflections of the sun on surfaces, such as light spikes in the waves of the sea.

Another huge “benefit” for us sailors is buoyancy, thanks to the wooden frame, how many fewer sunglasses lost in ports and turns! And what a great saving on a lifetime of vacations spent on the boat.


MYW Team
Author:MYW Team