Is there a different, ecological way to teak cladding that maintains the beauty and practicality of this material that ennobles a boat but does not “harm” the planet?

At Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show, there is. On the contrary, there are two solutions where beauty is reconciled with ecology.

They present them in their stand Synteak and Marine Cork.

Let’s compare their two ecological products.

The echo idea of Synteak: a little teak and a little recycled PVC

Synteak has created the prodigious Composite Teak which is a brand new material composed of 60% real teak and 40% PVC. The practical result is that it has the beauty of natural teak and all the advantages of practicality, reduced maintenance and durability of 100% synthetic teak. Synteak Composite Teak combines the qualities of the natural product, teak, with those of PVC (but recycled and therefore ecological). Unlike natural teak, in the sun it reduces the heat accumulated (it doesn’t burn barefoot!) and you can choose every color tone, without forgetting the grip that makes it perfectly non-slip.

Find out more, click here Synteak experts are at your disposal, you can contact them directly with an email or with whatsapp.

The eco solution of Marine Cork: when eco cork becomes like teak

The other way to a coating as beautiful as teak but ecological offers Marine Cork with an amazing product. Marine Cork turns cork into a high tech product that looks as compact and smooth as a teak batten. And walk on it from a feeling of “soft”.

It is ecological because cork is the bark of the tree that is reformed and there is no need to cut down forests to obtain wooden strips, as happens with “real” teak.

In addition, it has exceptional characteristics, such as the simple fact that it weighs less than a third of traditional or synthetic teak. To give you an example, an area of 40 square meters with Marine Cork weighs 100 kg, while with a teak coating 300/350!

You can see with your own eyes in an effective video how, with Marine Cork, coffee or wine stains leave with a little water without being absorbed, as happens with teak coating.

To find out how Marine Cork works and contact a manager directly with an email or whatsapp to find out more, click here!


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