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Would you like to know which antifouling agents are the most effective, what a port must have in order to be perfect, why weather forecasts for the sea are not all the same?


The answer to these and other questions can be found in the video interviews that you will find inside the virtual stands of Milano Yachting Week – The digital boat show.

We have selected five particularly interesting video interviews and we propose them to you. All it takes is one click to have in front of you people who know a lot about the sea and boating. A lot.

 Even antifouling is changing. Luca Serventi of Boero/Veneziani

Here we are in the history of coatings and antifoulings, which have belonged to a family-run business for almost 200 years. Luca Serventi, Sales Director at Boero/Veneziani, explains their history and the possibilities offered by this leading company. If you then look at the products on display, you understand why they are projected into the future.

The hotel is a boat. Walter Vassallo of Letyourboat

Walter Vassallo, founder of Letyourboat, explains the brilliant idea of using a boat as the basis of a stay, replacing it with a hotel room. But this innovative site is also more and offers for example mini cruises. And you can use it if you have a boat to monetize when you’re not using it.


This is the ideal port. Marco Da Re of Marina Punta Gabbiani

Listen to Marco Da Re, director of Marina Punta Gabbiani, and you’ll say to yourself on impulse: I too want to keep my boat in a marina like this. Because this marina in the northern Adriatic has everything you’d expect from a structure: a pleasant location, impeccable services and many special features that make the difference.


As beautiful as teak, as light as cork. Francesco Errico of Marine Cork

Hear how Marine Cork has managed to treat cork with an ultra-technological process to make it an alternative to teak siding. Francesco Errico effectively explains the advantages: from weighing two-thirds less than teak, to being absolutely stain-resistant, to being impact resistant. In short, listening to the characteristics of Marine Cork you will be amazed.

Because weather forecasts are serious business. Paolo Corazzon of Meteomed

One of Italy’s most famous meteorologists, Paolo Corazzon, explains how Meteomed is a unique weather service, with the largest weather room in Italy. And he tells why it is essential to have a service like theirs that has up-to-date data and analyzes the situation at a given point with absolute precision.

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