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Boat Fire

The fear of a boat fire is widespread among boaters. Today on the market there is a new system to sleep soundly, wherever you are. It’s called Aerpro Marine, which consists of two models: AM800/4 and AM800/10 and you can find it at Milan Yachting Week.

Boat fire: you can put it out even if you are not on board

Andrea Azzolini, CEO of Polytechno Engineering, tells how Aerpro Marine is, to date, the only system actually certified in the field of aerosol technology for the automatic extinction of fires on board. In this way, wherever one is, one can stay calm.

There are many advantages because

-it allows to reduce considerably the weights
-the overall dimensions of traditional systems
-it eliminates pipes, cylinders, hydraulic and mechanical works
-it requires a simple and quick installation for the operators

Want to know more? See here how it works and all the features of this product, unique on the market.

What does Aerpro look like?

This product is equipped with high performance electronics, meeting military and commercial standards. The dimensions of the modules are small and compact, simple user information combined with a system of modern design, eco-friendly, totally non-toxic to humans and not harmful to materials.

The system can be sized according to the volume to be protected, and the management of each system can be centralized through the automation of the boat itself. Click here to see how you can install it

It can also be retrofitted

Certainly it is an economically convenient and technically successful choice for new installations. On the other hand, as far as refit and retrofit are concerned, this represents the only technology that allows to replace, remodel and/or realize a fire extinguishing system, adequate and updated to the most recent norms, with rapid and reduced interventions.

Learn more about Aerpo Marine

To find out how Aerpro Marine works you can contact directly with an email or with whatsapp SECURE 4 SEA.

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