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No one is able to offer you the chance to see and hear interviews with the protagonists of the boating industry in order to understand what the market has to offer and guide you in your choice. Milan Yachting Week – The digital boat show does it!

Today the protagonists tell you how you can eliminate boat-related tasks and problems, what is and how does the most efficient port in the northern Adriatic work, what are the alternatives to teak. We continue with an interview with the leader of super inflatable boats and we end with the secrets of mythical boats, born from the American lobster and the small boats that never sink.

You just have to read below, click and enter the stands of our digital salon, the Milano Yachting Week


360° Consulting. Andrea Azzolini of Secure 4 Sea by Polytechno

When experience really matters. Andrea Azzolini, CEO of Polytechno, talks about the brand new Secure 4 Sea service that offers 360° consultancy and support in the design, purchase, renovation and management of a boat of any size.

Because having specialists at your side to make your dream of owning a boat come true or to be supported in its management, is an idea worth considering.


Mediterranean excellence. Fortunato Moratto of Shipyard&Marina di Sant’Andrea

A beautiful, safe, organized place to keep a boat. Listen to Fortunato Moratto, managing director of the Marina and the shipyard, as he tells why the Marina di Sant’Andrea is one of the Mediterranean excellences in the tourist port field. And why the best shipyards in the world use it as their Adriatic base.


Everything you need to make your boat more beautiful. Simone Martorelli of Synteak

Plasdeck, one of the most famous synthetic teak, high quality real teak, innovative “green” synthetic/natural teak and a revolutionary nautical cleaner. This is what Sinteak offers.

Simone Martorelli is waiting for you at his stand to explain the company’s philosophy and then you can dive into the discovery of their innovative products.

From 3 to 19 meters, only super inflatables. Gianni De Bonis of TecnoRib/Pirelli

From 3 to 19 meters inflatables that make heads turn. Gianni De Bonis, managing director of TecnoRib, tells us why TecnoRibs are the ideal boats for those looking for a high level tender (they are famous for their water-jet propulsion), for those looking for comfortable, safe and sporty boats for daily trips, and for those who want a super tender for maxi yachts. Listen and visit then the brand new Pirelli 42. It deserves.


Boats of desire made in Italy. Aldo Tomasina of Toy Marine

One of the two “dads” of the Toy, Aldo Tomasina, explains the secrets of the Toy phenomenon, the boats from 36 to 68 feet that have revolutionized the concept of the American lobster, revisited with the taste of Made in Italy.

High technology in small boats. Stefano Bitturini of Verga-Plast

High technology in boats from 2 to 6 meters with simple but unique features. Stefano Bitturini, third generation owner of this shipyard, explains one of Verga-Plast’s secrets, that of creating unsinkable hulls thanks to the double hull with closed-cell foam inside. But there are other peculiarities of Verga-Plast’s boats…

It’s worth listening to the accuracy of his story, it makes you understand the quality and the passion with which these “objects of desire” are made.

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