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TheAdvanced A80 is designed to be a true thoroughbred of the seas. To achieve this goal, Advanced once again relied on the design team formed by American naval architects John Reichel and Jim Pugh and Italian yacht designers Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Yachts. High performance and generous volumes are the results the design team set out to achieve in designing the Advanced A80, a boat with high performance and great reliability to be classified as a true blue water Yacht capable of sailing around the World in any sea and wind situation. Comfort, elegance and seduction are three of the many sources of inspiration that defined the design of Advanced A80. Large aft volumes are combined with deck geometries that convey the ideas of speed, efficiency, and contemporaneity.


The shape of the rudder and the profile of the keel are the result of the most advanced research in terms of performance velocity and of maneuverability to allow the helmsman perfect control of the yacht in all conditions The development and optimization of the Advanced A80’s hull are based on the vast experience gained from the hulls of American naval architects who have successfully raced all the seas of the world. Reichel/Pugh use state-of-the-art tools to optimize water lines. These tools are used to develop hull shapes, appendages, masting and rigging. The firm employs a large number of its own design software, developed and refined over 30 years of racing hull designs.

Advanced A80


ADVANCED A80 – Interior

Exclusive atmospheres and attention to detail characterize the interiors of the A80, in which light and spaciousness enhance the unmistakable Italian design. Next-generation water lines have made it possible to offer several solutions for the interiors, first among all those designed for the master cabin: located in the bow with a large wardrobe or private study that make the owner’s area even more private, or located in the stern with a development over the entire width of the boat. The very wide maximum beam very much set back and the resulting volumes provide extraordinary volume to the interior, allowing for three different very spacious layouts to accommodate the desires of even the most demanding owners.

Avanced A80, the bedroom

For the interiors, the designers studied three different solutions: aft master cabin: a 6-meter-wide full-beam cabin with a central double bed flanked by two sofas (or a sofa and a study area) and equipped with two bathroom areas. With a simple and ingenious system, this large space can be divided to make two independent cabins, each with two single beds and its own bathroom. Two single-bed guest cabins amidships complete the overnight hospitality of the boat.

Advanced A80

The salon

In the middle of the boat is the full-beam salon, equipped with a large dining area, fronted by a sofa that forms a lounging area. This entire area is flooded with light through continuous fenestration along the top of the deckhouse and through four large hull windows that provide guests with spectacular sea views. The galley and crew quarters are located forward and complemented by a separate crew dinette and two double pullman cabins.

2 – Master stateroom in the bow, which is equipped with a walk-in closet. There are two versions of this layout: a more classic one with a galley, chart table and two double crew cabins aft. The second is organized with an American-style galley in the middle of the boat, close to the saloon. In this version, the two double guest cabins and crew quarters are aft.

3 – A vast manhole only accommodates three different areas for the owner and his guests: thehe generous dining area with two sofas and two extendable tables; a relaxation area dedicated to reading and ‘tanning and the third dedicated to the maneuvering area; The entire cockpit area is coplanar: there are no steps, no bulky superstructures, and no obstacles to overcome to move around the deck. And all this without compromising habitability and volumes below deck.

Advanced A80


Data sheet

LOA 23.98 m
B.max 6.20 m
Draft 3.50 m
Weight 39,700 kg
Water 1300 l
Fuel 2000 l
Engines Yanmar 4LV250 250 hp

The different layouts


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