Simply “Hygge”

It´s Friday, the sun is shining! You want to take life easy, enjoy some relaxed time on the water with good friends and your family. Without having to worry too much about trimming and sail handling. ALISIO is your sail long-lasting wardrobe for simple living and hygge. Designed with comfort and ease of use in view.

Alisio Conventional Main Sail – Woven Polyester, Cruising Dacron

This mainsail is made from a tightly woven polyester cloth, providing a long-lasting sail which provides many years of good service. The classic cross-cut construction is a widely used design producing sails at competitive prices. The horizontal full battens help keep the shape, and when lowering the sail, it practically packs itself in to the lazy jack or zippack. The sail is delivered in a sail bag thus easy to store and transport. The woven polyester used for our ALISIO segment is a durable and economical fabric ideal for recreational cruising.

Performance – Durability – Price

– Performance      1,5

– Durability            8,5

– Price                      4,5

Note: performance, durability and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest.

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For more details, technical data sheet and the various combinations of layouts, materials and fittings go to the page:

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