Allures 45.9


Allures 45.9, a durable cruiser to go anywhere. Allures Yachting has always stood out by using aluminium, a material whose resistance and solidity are incomparable. Add to that, a design from the Berret-Racoupeau team and you have a sailboat with pure lines that combines elegance and performance.

In a constant quest for excellence, we have conceived the comfort of this boat down to the last detail to ensure that your experience is unique. Once on board, you will be sure not to run out of space or storage, all the equipment and facilities are ingenious and make your life easier.


This elegant model is available in two versions

A centreboarder with reduced draught which can be beached easily, resulting in increased autonomy, and a lifting keel version that reduces the weight by 2,280 kg for those who prefer the speed of a lighter sailboat. The stability of both versions is exactly the same because there is nothing more important to us than your safety.


Allures 45.9 – Exterior

Exterior design

Like all Allures, the hull of the Allures 45.9 is of course made of aluminium, a material with unequalled resistance, for sailing anywhere, and with complete peace of mind. Are you tempted to beach on this sandbar and go exploring at low tide? Concerned about the possible presence of logs floating as you go up this majestic river?  Worried as we approach this narrow pass in the middle of a coral reef to reach this paradise lagoon? In all these cases, proceed carefully but serenely: your Allures 45.9 is ready.

Her composite deck is an exclusive solution, patented by Allures Yachting, and proven for more than 15 years. Not only will you be proud and happy with the elegance of its foam sandwich construction, it will protect you from extremes of temperature, and free you from condensation and a lot of maintenance. Finally, it will give you, in your connection with the shipyard, much more latitude in the positioning of the fittings. But the Allures 45.9 wouldn’t really be an Allures if she did not offer a reduced draught. Or rather two, since for the first time in our range, alongside the immutable centreboard version, a mark of the “Allurien” DNA, a lifting keel version is now available for fans of lightness (2 tonnes gained by the ballast being positioned lower) and therefore performance.


Allures 45.9 – Interior

Interior architecture

The “Duo” chart table, the vast saloon that transforms into a huge double bed for watchkeeping or friends come to visit, the galley with Corian worktop and multiple storage spaces, everything has been designed for the blue water cruising. The aesthetics have not overtaken function however, even the exquisite, demonstrating the full talent of the Darnet Design team. Further forward, the three versions of the owner’s cabin, each available with a double berth or a mobile “twin” berth, will certainly meet your expectations.

Finally, behind the engine compartment, which is very easily accessed, a large bathroom with separate shower is in front of the traditional and essential technical room, which is also accessible from the cockpit via a large opening panel. Unless you have opted for the three-cabin version, in which case your VIP guests will have the same cabin as on the starboard side, where storage, ample sleeping space, light and ventilation compete to know which of these criteria has won the day in the design. Safe, functional and elegant, the fittings of the Allures 45.9 are particularly adapted to life at sea. The headroom throughout, the remarkable quality, the choice of materials, the natural or artificial light, all offer an exceptional living environment.


Key elements – Allures 45.9


  • Centreboard for freedom
  • Twin rudders for stability and control
  • Ergonomic cockpit for long distance.


  • Forward and side windows provide exceptional light and 270° visibility
  • High-end interior design for an enjoyable life on board at anchor and a functional one at sea
  • Large storage capacity for self-sufficiency.


  • Aluminium hull for unsurpassed impact resistance
  • Watertight forward bulkhead in aluminium
  • All sail handling manoeuvres led back to the cockpit.


  • Composite deck for its ergonomics, lightness, insulating properties
  • Wide, load-carrying hull for its form stability and performance
  • Aluminium rear arch to optimize peripherals: antennas, solar panels, dinghy
  • Modern rigging for performance and ease of use.


Allures 45.9 – Data

Length: 14.75 m
Width: 4.43 m
Draught: 1.06 m / 2.90 m
Displacement: 12.6 t
Water capacity: 420 l
Fuel capacity: 625 l
Mainsail area: 52 m²
Genoa area: 48 m²
Spinnaker area: 160 m²


Extra Contents: Brochure Allures 45.9

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