Ambient sanitation systems

Ambient sanitation systems

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Shipyards, Marines, Owners, Commanders, Shipping Companies, Brokers, Charter Companies: all those who operate at sea now have at their disposal a product suitable to their needs, and to the legal obligations, for sanitization and disinfection ashore and on board, certified and safe.

The proposed system is the first fully automatic sanitizer for environments and is certified by the Ministry of Health and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità as a Class 1 Medical Device.

Compact and effective, it creates a protective shield that remains active for days on surfaces. The action of the Silver Ions stabilised with the biocide Didecil-Dimethylammonium almost completely eliminates the presence of bacteria, viruses, fungi, harmful microorganisms and above all reduces the viral load of enveloping viruses.

Particularly suitable for sanitizing applications of surfaces and interiors, the product is easy to use, does not require specialized operators, and with a few minutes of training you are immediately operational. It does not damage materials, is not dirty and is in no way harmful to health or the environment.

It sanitizes the room and all surfaces in 3 minutes for a duration of 7-10 days. It is activated via a remote control in a simple and intuitive way.

Download the brochure here: SECURE 4 SEA®_Protezione ANTI-COVID



One of our Partner Companies has developed a “stand alone” recessed air sanitization system, able to significantly improve the healthiness of small environments, such as those present in boats.

The S4S Active Sanitizer is a device based on catalytic oxidation technology, used for example to sanitize environments during space missions. PCO™ technology – Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation Process produces oxidising ions and hydro-peroxides which, transported in the air stream, manage to eliminate most pollutants.

This technology reproduces what happens in nature through photocatalysis, and is able to destroy bacteria, viruses, moulds and eliminate possible allergens and bad odours.

The S4S Active Sanitizer allows:

  • Easy installation, thanks to its small footprint and “plug and play” configuration
  • Safe, effective and complete sanitation from pollutants and allergens
  • Odour reduction
  • The sanitization of rooms up to 40 sqm.

The action of the active sanitizer can be clearly felt: for example you can immediately notice the elimination of bad smells such as smoke, food, chemical agents and those derived from pets, and over time you appreciate the best air quality.

Download the brochure here: SANIFICATORE ATTIVO da incasso S4S

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