Specific primer for fiberglass

Aquastop is designed specifically for the treatment of GRP boats affected by OSMOSIS and is particularly recommended as a preventative, protective treatment. This product is water resistant (both sea and fresh water), making the boat highly impermeable, and forms an effective barrier layer for submerged metal parts (keels, flaps, rudders, etc.).

Gruppo Boero created the Aquastop Points: they are specialized centres for the application of Aquastop. They work with Veneziani Yachting, employing special equipment and qualified staff to treat osmosis. Assessing the extent of osmosis in a boat is a complex task that must be performed by experts to ensure that appropriate remedies are applied. Osmosis repair work performed at these specialised centres is covered by a guarantee issued by Veneziani Yachting. As soon as a centre begins treating a boat with Veneziani Yachting products, an “Osmosi Addio” warranty file is opened, in which details of the boat, the extent of damage and the seasoning work are all recorded.

During seasoning the Aquastop Centre takes humidity measurements and passes the results to Veneziani Yachting. If these indicate that treatment has been successful, Veneziani Yachting issues an “Osmosi Addio” certificate guaranteeing its effectiveness for a period of three years.

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