GFSI-GFSE foresail furlers


Bamar presents its “flush-deck” hydraulic or electric foresail furlers for fixed stays in the two different GFSI- GFSE series: those have been completely upgraded combining new technology and experience deriving from the previous series in production since 2003. These motorized furlers with self-aligning spherical fulcrum, designed for a structural flush-deck installation, may also be supplied with integrated stay tensioning cylinder.

The evolution of technology in the sailing world grows more and more towards semiautomatic mechanisms which satisfy the demand for performance, reliability and quality, connected to the reduction of overall dimensions and weight.

Bamar presents this new line of electric or hydraulic foresail furlers that guarantee unique specifications, high sail furling torque force and speed, synchronization among movements, easy installation, low maintenance, reduced overall dimensions and weight, thus improving comfort and safety onboard.

The flange and all components to be exposed above deck are manufactured in polished 316 stainless steel. Whereas, the reduction gear body and stay tensioning cylinder body to be fitted below deck are made in black hardcote anodized high resistance aluminium.

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