Bénéteau Barracuda 9


Bénéteau Barracuda 9: the flagship

Bénéteau Barracuda 9 is the crowning achievement in sport-fishing extra comfort that holds no comparison. The flagship of the range also lends itself to safe and enjoyable ‘smart commuting‘ use.



Bénéteau Barracuda 9 – The Exterior

With its 4-person bow square, wide walkways and protective pulpits, the Barracuda 9 offers a welcoming and safe line. The lined freeboard ensures comfortable fishing trips, while a side door on the starboard side facilitates mooring and access to the boat. Comfortable to live with and agile to maneuver, the Barracuda 9 features thelatest Airstep hull®. Equipped with two engines that can reach 500 hp, it offers two fuel tank capacities (400 or 600 liters).An invitation to take to the sea in complete safety with the possibility of taking up to 10 people on board (categories B6/C10). Capable of offering an extremely comfortable passage at sea, the Barracuda 9’s Air Step hull combines fuel economy and performance. Openable and modular cockpit, wide walkways, large aft window, side and partition doors-the ergonomics of the Barracuda 9 are designed to facilitate movement on board.

Bènèteau Barracuda 9


Toward the aft of the driver’s station, a large glass window increases the feeling of space. To facilitate circulation, the inner square is functionally organized with opposing seats for the long. In thekitchenette we find a large refrigerator. The driver’s station has a sofa for two people and a large instrument panel and can accommodate two screens. The door that closes access to the cabs protects the co-pilot and separates the driver’s station from the rest area. For pleasant nights at sea, the lower deck offers a large cabin and bath as well as a mid-cabin that can optionally become a sleeping quarters or a double berth. The enclosed lower deck, has two double bunks and a separate bathroom to comfortably spend the night at sea… Breakfast included in the driver’s station thanks to a kitchenette and a spacious square!

Bènèteau Barracuda 9

Bènèteau Barracuda 9

The Layout

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