BFBM hydraulic o electric motorization for furling booms


Hydraulic o electric motorizations for furling booms available for sailing yachts with indicative boom length from 6 to 25 meters. The system is made up by a reduction gear and an electric motor with its brake (to lock the device when reefing), integrated and protected inside a cylindrical structure designed to be housed inside the mainsail furling mandrel. Should the boom-maker supply a manual locking device (part of the boom construction), then the electro-magnetic brake is not required. The motorization external body is in polished stainless steel, and is supplied with slots where the mainsail tack is to be tied on.

The standard motorization (A) may be equipped with either a simple boom toggle (B), or alternatively, with the special boom toggle (C) that integrates the manual emergency clutch. (N.B.: both toggles are optional and are to be requested when placing the order).

Upon demand, we may supply the drilling template (D) for the mandrel.

Being compact, light in weight, easy to install and thanks to its position mast-side of the boom, our electric motorization represents a unique solution in its field. Moreover, among the systems on the market, this Bamar furler is the one that allows for the minimum distance between aft-face of the mast and sail tack. This makes the sail opening and closing easier.

Sizes 140, 182, 280 and 360 may also be hydraulically motorized.

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