BFBMM manual boom furling device

BFBMM manual boom furling device

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Bamar BFBMM is a new and innovative line of manual mainsail furling mechanisms to be installed on furling booms manufactured by any boom maker.

The unit has a cylindrical shape, designed to be housed inside the mainsail furling mandrel. It is controlled by an endless line which operates a furling pulley equipped with an easy handling manual mechanical lock to allow you keep reefing positions. The kit may be completed by an optional boom toggle.

The series is available in two sizes:

–    110 for mandrels with external Ø 110 mm – max boom E length 6 m approx
–    140 for mandrels with external Ø 140 mm – max boom E length 8 m approx

Electric upgrade with Bamar BFBME motorizations is possible. You will be able to keep same mandrel and toggle, and install the equivalent motorized version.

Bamar BFBMM is not only compact and easy to install, but it also allows for the minimum distance between aft-face of the mast and sail tack. This makes sail hoisting and furling in easier and neater.


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