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A new range of charts that can be used worldwide

C-MAP, a leader in digital marine cartography and cloud-based mapping has launched new simplified and redesigned charts for Lowrance, Simrad and B&G chartplotters with the introduction of C-MAP DISCOVER & REVEAL.

Replacing the MAX-N+ range, C-MAP REVEAL charts showcase the best of C-MAP. This solution offers the unique seabed and hinterland shading feature, as well as all of the key features of C-MAP DISCOVER, including full vector charts.

“This is a really important evolution for C-MAP,” explains Max Cecchini, EVP C-MAP. “We heard from our customers that the C-MAP range was too complicated and we adapted, offering a simple, two-tier product range that provides extremely reliable data to all products, including the basic DISCOVER series.”

“With REVEAL, additional features are available to boaters, including the feature for shaded relief views anywhere for coastline and hinterland, previously only available in our local products in very restricted coastal areas. It was our customers who asked for this ‘revolution’ and we’re excited to change the game for all boaters by making this view available globally.”

C-MAP Reveal: the revolution

See the world around you like never before with the REVEAL relief shading feature now available globally. The 3D representation of land surface and underwater relief with ultra-high resolution bathymetry imagery, previously only available in MAX-N+ Reveal, represents a revolutionary breakthrough for fishermen and divers.

C-MAP Reveal also offers dynamic raster charts, which look similar to traditional charts, with easy access to all objects on the chart, and aerial photography, which provides an additional level of detail with thousands of photos of marinas, harbors, inlets and other relevant navigational features.

REVEAL’s satellite overlay provides real-world reference and improves situational awareness when navigating the coast if you are in an unfamiliar environment.


Key features

  • Shaded relief
  • Full vector maps
  • High resolution bathymetry
  • Custom depth shading
  • Dynamic raster maps
  • Easy Routing
  • Aerial photography
  • Satellite Overlay
  • Tides and currents
  • Detailed plans of ports and marinas
  • Details of ports and entrances
  • Online updates, including free online updates for 12 months
  • Compatible with Lowrance®, Simrad® and B&G® chartplotters

C-MAP Discover: make the most of your time on the water

Whether you’re boating, fishing or sailing, C-MAP DISCOVER offers a wide range of coverage and all the essential features to help you make the most of your time on the water. DISCOVER offers full vector charts and the best of C-MAP’s high-resolution bathymetry, including integrated Genesis® social map data.

DISCOVER charts include custom depth shading. Shaded contours show the highest level of information about underwater rocks, walls and canyons. You can set a precise safety depth or create your own custom shading – a popular and ever-present feature for fishing.

The Tides and Currents feature shows projections of water level and tidal direction to help you plan your day of sailing, fishing or boating. Easy Routing™ free subscription helps you automatically plot the shortest and safest route, based on detailed chart data and customized information about your boat.

Key features

  • Full vector charts
  • High-resolution bathymetry
  • Custom depth shading
  • Easy Routing™
  • Tides and currents
  • Detailed plans of ports and marinas
  • Details of ports and entrances
  • Online updates, including free online updates for 12 months
  • Compatible with Lowrance, Simrad® and B&G chartplotters

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