ClubSwan 80


The ClubSwan 80 was conceived to be a very fast and high performance yacht, completely in line with its sisters, based on the One Design yacht concept.
All boats are specifically designed to sail in short races, participating in traditional maxi circuit events and specializing in light and medium winds.
The new model is equipped with a canting keel of 4.75 m, which is proving to be an excellent compromise between having a very fast and deep keel and allowing the yacht to enter ports and roadsteads without any limitation.

ClubSwan 80 – Concept

The ClubSwan 80 has twin rudders, as usually adopted in its new Juan Kouyoumdjian-designed form (as was the case with the ClubSwan 36), and a canard. More precisely, a rotating canard has been adopted to navigate in short races in medium-light winds (VMG), but also to ensure great flexibility in tactical situations that are very common in narrow fleet racing.
The very long and retractable bowsprit, together with the very light displacement related to the canting keel, makes the yacht a real monster downwind, providing a huge amount of fun while sailing.


ClubSwan 80 – Design


The yacht has a minimal and elegant interior with the aim of combining the very high performance with a certain degree of comfort inside. A more luxurious version with a full set of options is also possible, being fully aware that it can affect the sailing performance.

ClubSwan 80 – Data


24.70 m (81 ft)

Beam max: 6 m (19,69 ft)
Draught: 4.75 m (15,58 ft)

19.000 kg (41.888 lbs)


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