Dalmatia, the sea and more


Why a cruise to Dalmatia? To discover the simple and clean beauty of the Croatian Adriatic Sea that can be found everywhere, both along the “continental” coasts and along the coasts of the many islands that are part of the Dalmatian region. And don’t forget that sailing around here you will not only discover the beauty of a unique sea. For example, the traces of life on the Croatian coast date back to the Neolithic period and continue in ancient times, in the Middle Ages and up to the present day. Thus, in Croatia you can find remains from all periods of development of western civilization, while many of these cultural monuments can be visited while sailing. Thus you can understand the modern way of life in which tradition is interwoven with a modern way of life in which seafaring plays an essential role. That is why sailing here is an ancient art: the culture of seafaring in Croatia is as old as life in these lands, and its reflection is particularly noticeable in nautical tourism. A modern yachtsman has the opportunity to enjoy the numerous contents offered by the Croatian coast, as well as to visit the numerous monuments of cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. This cultural and historical heritage is usually not accessible if you wear a swimming costume. One of the essential prerequisites for a carefree journey is the quality of the nautical infrastructure in Croatia. In addition to providing a safe berth for a large number of visitors, marinas today are also urban centres that contribute to the well-being of tourists visiting Croatia. Once you have moored your boat, you no longer need to worry and the fun begins. In addition to marinas, every village on the coast offers mooring service, which makes Croatia the largest marina in the world.

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