FastBlades Antifouling for Propellers


FastBlades Antifouling for Propellers

Fastblades is the biocide-free, high-performance “biomimetic” antifouling created by EWOL specifically for marine propellers, propeller shafts and other submerged metal parts. Particularly resistant to all kinds of marine fouling.

A “biomimetic” varnish simulates the nonstick properties of living organisms, making sure that fouling cannot adhere.

The quality propeller antifouling

High performance “biomimetic” antifouling paint for marine propellers. Fixed, collapsible, flag-type propellers. Stainless steel, bronze propellers.

This antifouling was tested for over 3 years on Andrea Mura’s “Vento di Sardegna” and other boats before it was put on the market.

FastBlades antifouling for propellers: how it works

Easy to apply (brush-on) FastBlades ensures long life and optimum performance of your propeller and metal parts even after long periods of immersion. In the package is Primer (two-component) and antifouling paint.

FastBlades can be applied to propellers made of Stainless Steel, Bronze, Aluminum, and composite materials. Propellers can be fixed, folding, flag, for sailboats or powerboats, in short, all types of marine propellers, also suitable for painting shaftlines, propeller stands, and Sail-Drive stern feet.

Buy FastBlades Propeller Antifouling Now

You can calculate the best propeller size for your boat and request a free custom quote on EWOL’s online store, which also sells the right accessories for your sailboat’s propellers, from specific treatments to genuine spare parts.


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