Felci 46 – Weekend Cruiser


Felci 46 – Weekend Cruiser

A little gem dedicated to a lucky few owners. The “coupe” concept applied to the “sailboat” theme. Performance first, then elegance and ease of navigation. All thanks to an extremely high-performance fairing, made of carbon, equipped with appendages that have nothing to send to that of a pure racer.

Felci 46

Internally, however, it is like a small “open space” loft, which with discreet elegance offers the possibility of staying on board, with all the comforts, for a few days, trying the experience of mooring in the roadstead, far from the crowds and noise of the marinas.

Customization of materials and details is extensive, as is customization of deck equipment and deck details. In short, a mini-maxi custom yacht, tailor-made like a signature suit, in which all the style, experience and passion of Felci Yachts design flows together.

Felci 46 – Data Sheet

Loa 13,80


B max 4,00


Dspl 6,8 t
Ballast 2,8 t
Mainsail area 72 sqm
Jib area 52 sqm
Kite area 200 sqm


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