Meteomed Yachting Basic


Meteomed Yachting Basic for recreational boating

Meteomed Yachting Basic is theEntry Level subscription for boating: an inexpensive and immediate service that can be used anywhere and is fully automatic.

– SMS service (bulletins and warnings)

– E-mail service (bulletins and warnings)

– Automatic telephone bulletin

– Synoptic tables for ports and sectors

Our basic subscription is perfect for those who tend to navigate only the waters of particular sectors or ports: through a highly customizable system, it is possible to receive bulletins (via e-mail and SMS) and consult forecast synoptics for up to 10 days for a range of ports and sectors set as favorites, based on selected weather parameters. Two automatic updates per day are provided, but by choosing the on-demand mode, you can receive the forecast directly to your smartphone as and when you want. The basic service also includes alerts: Meteomed will notify you, via text message or email, up to 72 hours in advance, whenever weather and sea conditions exceed the warning thresholds you set based on your experience and the type of boat and crew you own.


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