Garmin Marine – Fishing Boats


Garmin Marine – Fishing Boats

From novices to professionals, fishing electronics are experiencing a wave of incredible success. Garmin Marine has therefore developed a connection scheme to meet the needs of every fisherman.

Are you a fisherman and thinking about your next fishing powerboat? Garmin Marine has the wiring diagram for you. Each boat has different needs that depend mainly on its intended use. In today’s fisheries, electronics have become an essential component. Today we see the wiring diagram of a fishing boat.

Garmin Marine – Fishing boat



  • GPSMAP 8416xsv: 16″ combo chartplotter/echo sounder with full HD IPS (in-plane switching) touchscreen and world basemap.
  • Compact Reactor 40 autopilot: This remarkable autopilot adapts to any sea conditions to enable you to stay on course. The Reactor 50 can perfectly maintain the set course even in rolling and pitching in rough seas.
  • GPS 24xd: high-sensitivity receiver capable of locating GNSS satellite systems, ensures accurate and precise data such as position and speed of the vessel with a high degree of reliability even at low speeds.


  • GSD 26: CHIRP fishfinder up to 3 kW power for deep sea sport fishing.
  • Airmar B265LH transducer: Best-performing 1 kW pass-through transducer offers good performance in deep water and exceptional bottom and water column details. This transducer has a depth of 3,000 feet (914 meters), an operating frequency of 42-65 kHz and 130-210 kHz, a beam width of 16-25 degrees and 6-10 degrees, and an angle of 0-20 degrees.


  • VHF 215i AIS: Stay in touch with 25 watts of transmit power, AIS system and integrated GPS.
  • GMR Fantom 18/24x Radomes: 50-watt solid-state radomes, have a range of 20 to 48 nautical miles, even in fog or rain. In addition, they offer a rotation speed of up to 60 rpm ensuring a refresh rate that detects motion at any speed. This time they are available in white or black versions so you can match them to your boat.
  • GMS 10: Self-configuring 5-input network hub with 100 MB data transfer rate, enabling plug and play connection of multiple devices to the Garmin Marine Network and expansion of its capabilities. Devices connected to this device are automatically detected and are immediately accessible once connected to the network.
  • GC 200: IP camera for surfing in total security.


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