Garmin Marine – Superyachts of 34 meters


Garmin Marine – Superyachts of 34 meters

Enjoy the sea cruise, whether it is a day out or a weekend away. From safety to comfort and entertainment in navigation Garmin Marine has the right solution for your needs.

Do you use your power boat to enjoy the sea with your family and friends? Garmin Marine has the wiring diagram for you. Each boat has different needs that depend mainly on its intended use. Today we see the wiring diagram of a 34-meter superyacht.

What tools do you need aboard a 34-meter superyacht to enjoy a sea cruise to the fullest?



  • Three 22-inch multitouch GPSMAP 8622 multifunction with which to manage navigation and more. With this tool you will be able to keep track of everything from navigation to echosounder to boat data. VOLVO GLASS COCKPIT 8616xsv supports the entire family of Panoptix fishfinders.
  • A 17-inch GPSMAP 8617 multifunction with full HD touch screen. Equipped with advanced Garmin SailAssist features for sailing. With SmartMode you can simultaneously change each screen of the GPSMAP displays interfaced with each other to mooring, cruising, fishing, anchoring.
  • VOLVO Pilot Reactor Autopilot.
  • AIRMAR B117 bronze through-transducer and DST 810 are ideal for high speeds. The B117 connected to the echo sounder GSD24 is ideal for fiberglass or wooden hulls, is an 8-pin, 600 W short-stemmed transducer allows a depth of 800-1,200 feet (244-366 meters); an operating frequency of 50-200 kHz; a beam range of 45-12 degrees; and a tilt range of 0-7 degrees. The DST 810 is compatible withAirmar’s CAST app, which allows the multisensor to be configured and calibrated directly from the smartphone.


  • A VHF 315i with a modular system designed for vessels where it is possible (and sometimes necessary) to have a station with multiple communication stations or on vessels where there is no space to install a traditional VHF in the console. This system is connected to two GA 38 antennas, as well as theActive Speaker and the GHS 11i unit , a compact and robust handset that is completely waterproof.
  • Three GMS 10, 5-input self-configuring network hub with 100 MB data transfer rate. This makes it possible to receive updates on battery voltage, bilge activities, temperature changes, dock power status and generally all interfaced NMEA 2000 sensors, all via smartphone or tablet through the free ActiveCaptain app. Connected to this is the new OnDeck system that enables remote management and control of the boat.
  • GMR 18 Radome antenna that can detect what is near the boat or at long distances. In all weather conditions it enables extremely sharp image definition up to 36 nautical miles.
  • The GMR XHD2 Open-array Radar offers 25 kW transmission power and clear echo definition in all ranges or ranges. It provides a rotational speed of 24 and 48 rpm with a maximum range of 72 nautical miles (133 km).
  • TheAIS 800 is a transceiver that allows us to have a better understanding of what is around us when we sail. With this tool you can display on your chartplotter the Class B/SO Automatic Identification System (AIS) data of surrounding vessels with all identifying information and position, course and speed data, as well as send your own. It goes without saying that in terms of security, such a tool is crucial. In this configuration it is with an external antenna connector (AIS 800 also includes a built-in GPS).
  • Two 19X GPS antennas, a GXM 54 antenna a gWind transducer and a FLIR IP Camera complete the mast.
  • The intuitive GRID 20 remote control keypad provides access and maximum control over your entire Garmin system installed on board. Includes a joystick with 360-degree rotation, a rotary knob, and a push-to-select button for simplified navigation and precise control of menus and chartplotter settings, even in rough seas.


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