Grand Soleil 46LC


Sailing takes a new route

The greater hull volume allows the provision of bigger fresh water and fuel tanks, battery bank and other heavy equipment, mounted lower and in the centre of the boat. This lowers the centre of gravity which together with a well proportioned sail plan, optimizes the stability and safety when sailing. All the bulkheads are laminated to the hull in order to have a stronger structure and thus more safety in sea.

All the manoeuvres can be made by the helmsman in order to have easy and safe handling when sailing single handed, having a reduced crew or inexperienced guests onboard, and especially when sailing “long distance”. The manner in which all control lines are led below deck to the helm station provides a “string free” cockpit with plenty of space for family members to relax in an obstacle free environment.

Attention to details is one of the distinctive features of the new 46LC: starting from the choice of teak or oak wood through to the finest fabrics, all the finishing details are designed to offer the best of Italian made quality and beauty.

Grand Soleil 46LC: under deck large spaces like at home

The interiors are designed to have the maximum comfort with attention to a Long Cruise use. Spending time on board in different situations requires a smart design, ergonomics, many storage areas, dual functionality and essential space for necessary equipment. The 46LC benefits from having many windows and ports for natural light, bright and soft colors and uncompromised stylish details create a calm, positive and pleasant atmosphere which is very important when spending time on board.

The result of careful naval architecture and design provides an extremely spacious interior. The kitchen plan is over 3 meters, all beds are 2 meters long and all cabins have generous headroom. In a space like this it’s easy to feel at home and to move with ease and comfort when sailing the Grand Soleil 46 Long Cruise.

Grand Soleil 46LC – Data

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