Grand Soleil 48


Top construction “tailor made”

First-class materials and techniques have been used for this important project. The main characteristic of the Grand Soleil 48 is that the owner can choose among different kinds of construction: the infusion of the Race version can be done either in epoxy resin and fiberglass or in epoxy resin and carbon with four composite bulkheads. The Performance version, instead, is hand-laminated and realised in vinylester and fiberglass (the main bulkhead is made of composite).

Grand Soleil 48: perfect deck from performace to race

The deck plan is one of the most interesting features of the new Grand Soleil 48. It is indeed what mainly distinguish the Race version from the Performance one. The first one has six or eight winches on the deck – it comes with two aft winches to regulate the split backstay, a hydraulic piston at bow to regulate the stay, a jib equipped with diagonal tracks and a dolphin striker 100% longer than the Performance version one, which gives a wider sail plan surface.

The Performance version is equipped with four winches nearby the rudder and standard self-rotating jib that allows an easy manoeuvring of the boat and a greater comfort even to the smallest crews. Simple technical solutions have been well integrated to the deck aesthetics. This excellent combination has given as an outcome a wide cockpit, a neat-design and comfortable deck, excellent performances and speed during the races, easy manoeuvring when cruising.

Grand Soleil 48: super light and modular interiors

The spaces under the deck have a wide beam and a free board that give spacious and comfortable interiors with three cabins and two heads, both with separated shower stall – a fantastic solution for a race soul boat -, the kitchen, the saloon and the chart work. The natural lighting gives more comfort, because it gets through the windows located on the hull and on the deck.

All the interiors are made with high quality materials in accordance with Grand Soleil’s unique style: in the Race version, the lightened woods allow to save 30-40% of weight. As far as the Race version is concerned, thanks to the modular parts the boat becomes lighter and creates more space in order to stretch out the sails without damaging the furniture.

Grand Soleil 48 – Data

CLICK HERE to read and download the Grand Soleil 48 data sheet
CLICK HERE to read and download the Grand Soleil 48 digital brochure
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