Hallberg-Rassy 50


HALLBERG-RASSY 50: lots of volume, comfort and storage

Traditionally we are used to comparing boats with hull length in feet. But much more relevant is the waterline length. The new 50 has a waterline that is as much as 50 cm / 1’ 8’’ longer than on the Hallberg-Rassy 55.

Longer waterline gives better sailing performance with longer average day runs and at the same time more interior volume, comfort and storage under deck.

The width is 33 cm larger at the widest point and an incredible 1.08 m wider than the 55 on the transom. That further enhances interior volume and storage.

HALLBERG-RASSY 50: soft motion in a seaway

The modern and most efficient hull shape gives superior sailing performance. At the same time, the forward under water part of the hull is rounded, almost like an egg, and this means soft motion in a seaway at any angle of heel. The displacement of the hull is designed to carry all modern comfort equipment and lots of personal belongings, as well as generous tank capacity. The steering system has twin rudders, superior both in terms of control when sailing, as well as pleasant vibration free motoring and also from a safety perspective.

Big and well protected cockpit

Typical Hallberg-Rassy, the cockpit is very well sheltered with high all-round coamings and a soft top or hard top windscreen with tempered glass, opening mid section and handholds at the sides. This is the ideal cockpit solution for both hot and cold areas. There is good all-round visibility. With twin wheels, there is both lots of space for displays and buttons and an easy passage from the helm position and forward.

Furthermore, the wheel positions give better visibility forward, both when maneuvering in a harbour and to see the tell tails of the headsail. There is an optional big fixed high gloss varnished teak table with drop leaves.




Modern and easy to handle sail plan

The rig is modern and easy to handle. It is even possible to fly an inner removable heavy weather sail with no runners. The foresail is only slightly overlapping, making tacking easy. There is also an option for a self tacking jib arrangement. Seldén electric furling for both in-mast and headsail, as well as electric sheet winches are fitted as standard. The main is designed to carry an Elvström FatFurl modern in-mast furling sail with Epex membrane, with roach, vertical battens and headboard. The top shrouds and lowers are to separate chain plates, a Hallberg-Rassy invention, which makes passage on deck easy, and arranges for easy sheeting of the headsail. The spreader base gets wide and stable in that way too. The deck plan is clean and uncluttered.

Lots of deck storage

The deck storage is generous. There is not only an enormous deck locker between the forward cabin and the chain locker, there are also two top opening deck lockers aft, one locker in the cockpit and good storage for fenders and ropes also above the chain locker.




The interior sole is at one level throughout the boat. This gives easy movement both at sea and at anchor or in a marina. The interior has lots of natural light and indirect led lights as well. There is good ventilation. The layout is generous and roomy, with lots of elbow room. The storage facilities are generous too. The sturdy woodwork has the well renowned Hallberg-Rassy finish.

The sail away standard equipment list is very extensive, including for example electric in-mast furling and electric headsail furler, sails, teak deck, retractable bow thruster from Sleipner Side-Power, a 12 kW generator, a 110 HP main engine, electric cooking, fridge and freezer, launching and rigging at the yard, antifouling, fenders, mooring lines and a lot more.

Walk-in engine room

There is a large walk-in engine room. Easy access, easy maintenance and careful sound insulation covered by aluminium linings. There is access from a big door on the port side, as well as a lifting stair in front and a removable panel in the aft end of the engine room. Furthermore, the floor in the cockpit is bolted and removable.

In the engine room the technical equipment is found: a powerful common rail main engine, the generator with sound shield, pumps, filters, double heaters, AquaDrive flexible coupling to take up the loads from the engine shaft and further lower vibrations and noise.




Designer Germán Frers Naval Architecture
CE category A – Unlimited ocean voyages
Hull length 15.23 m
Maximum length 16.34 m
Waterline at rest 14.80 m
Beam without rubrail 5.00 m
Beam with rubrail 5.02 m
Draught, empty standard boat 2.35 m

Also available as a shallow draught version

Displacement, empty standard boat 21 t
Keel weight 7.4 t
Keel type lead on deep bilge
Sail area with genoajib 131.5 m²
Sail area, optimized main and genoajib 149.5 m²
Air draft, ex Windex 24.9 m
Engine Yanmar 4JH110CR
Power at crank shaft 81 kW
Transmission Hydraulic with shaft
Diesel 1,000 l
Fresh water 940 l

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