Hanse 388


Hanse 388: design outside the box

With a sail area of 67.5 m², this yacht is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also, and more importantly, fast. Judel/Vrolijk & Co’s high, powerful sail plan and fast hull ensure unparalleled sailing pleasure.

The 38-foot hull’s six windows are a true luxury and illuminate the elegant interior with natural light. The lighting concept is unique, centered on large skylights and a series of portholes, and ensures that you live with maximum sunlight.




Hanse 388 is at home on the open sea. The brand’s typical fast hull and impressive sail plan are designed by the pen of Judel/Vrolijk & Co, the world’s best and most experienced yacht-building engineering firm. The combination of a perfectly harmonized side profile and a pre-balanced rudder blade are an additional guarantee of high-speed performance and safety while sailing.

The pleasure of navigational comfort and speed. Measuring Hanse 388 performance with the VPP speed prediction program produces impressive figures. This yacht sets benchmarks in transforming wind energy into sailing speed with maximum efficiency: with 14 knots of true wind, at the optimal upwind angle of 41° with the jib the speed is 6.7 knots; with the asymmetric spinnaker, at the 120° carrying gait the speed achieved is 8.1 knots.

72m2 sail area

The Hanse 388’s high sail plan is the trademark of every Hanse, designed with the use of highly sophisticated computational models. This ensures that you have the best sailing characteristics in all conditions, and ensures that your Hanse is one of the fastest yachts in its class.

Outstanding performance comes from having a sloping stern and a straight bow. This clever design provides a long and optimal waterline at any angle of heel.

Sails are trimmable for professional sailing, including a seamlessly adjustable backstay. This allows the mast and sail profile to adapt perfectly to the wind at all times.




Hanse’s concept of “Easy Sailing” is now legendary. We invented the integrated self-centering jib and brought all the steering lines into the cockpit. This gives you absolute control in all sailing maneuvers.This means you can steer your yacht alone or while enjoying time with guests. The deck is free of ropes and accessories, offering uncompromising comfort and space while you are at sea or relaxing in port.

Hanse 388

As for the rudder system, Hanse offers high agility without compromising safety. For this, he developed a pre-balanced rudder whose efficient surface area is larger than average. This facilitates steering the yacht in any situation.

Hanse 388 – External Focus

  • Ergonomic folding seats for the helmsman
  • Twin wheels of the rudder
  • Peak locker for ropes cleverly integrated into the side deck
  • Cockpit table with folding shelves and chrome-plated steel handrail and footrest
  • Elegant opening glass portholes
  • Hanse self-tacking jib



In the innovatively designed interior of the Hanse 388, the combination of indirect and sunlight accents create a fascinating effect. Space is intelligently utilized with different layout variations. The choice for the interior: minimalist and modern French oak interior and black walnut floors. Or, nautical and elegant mahogany with oak paquet.

Hanse 388

Interior focus

  • Two skylight hatches for the best natural lighting in its boat class
  • Cabins for eight people with lots of light and large closets
  • Spacious, bright bathroom with Hanse designer sinks
  • Upper cabinets in the colors Grey or Dove Grey
  • Charting table that can be folded down to create a large chaise-longue at the back of the table
  • Extendable family salon
  • Salon table with pull-out bar compartment
  • More daylight thanks to large hull windows
  • 32-inch flat-screen TV
  • Spacious master cabin with headroom and plenty of light
  • Cabins, furniture and details are of high quality
  • Elegantly padded panels
  • Folding living room for relaxing or family time
  • Plenty of natural light and light-colored design provide a comfortable environment in the forward master stateroom
  • Large closets with ample storage space, aft and to starboard
  • Spacious guest cabins with maximum headroom, plenty of storage, large double bed and plenty of natural light from glass skylights


Data sheet

LOA 11,40 m
Hull length 10,99 m
Beam 3,90 m
Draft L-keel, medium 2,06 m
Draft L-keel, shallow 1,62 m
Displacement medium 8,27 t
Displacement shallow 8,66 t
Ballast medium 2,38 t
Ballast shallow 2,75 t
Diesel engine 27.30 HP
Diesel Engine Option 38 HP
Fuel tank 160 l
Fresh water 295 l
CE certification A – 6 / B – 10
Design Judel/Vrolijk & Co.
Interior HanseYachts Design
Mast length above WL 17,60 m
Total sail area 72 m²
Main sail 43,50 m²
Self-tacking jib 28,50 m²
Crossover 61,10 m²
Gennaker 93,90 m²
Rig I 14,90 m
Rig J 4,31 m
Rig P 14,30 m
Rig E 5,10 m



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