Hanse 508


HANSE 508, for those who love the future

Here is a yacht made to sail the open sea with no limits, far from any coastline. Explore beyond the horizon and discover quiet bays and clear waters. Anything is possible with Hanse 508. Its modern design is a clear statement of this.

The performance, among the best in its class, will thrill enthusiastic sailors.

Through an intelligent range of smart customization options, Hanse 508 is so flexible that it can adapt to anyone’s lifestyle.


At ease in the open sea. The brand’s typical fast hull and impressive sail plan are designed by the pen of Judel/Vrolijk & Co, the world’s best and most experienced yacht-building engineering firm. The combination of a perfectly harmonized side profile and a pre-balanced rudder blade are an additional guarantee of high-speed performance and safety while sailing.

Measuring performance with the VPP speed prediction program, Hanse 508 achieves staggering figures. Hanse 508 transforms wind energy into sailing speed with maximum efficiency: with 14 knots of real wind, at the optimal windward angle of 43° with the jib the speed is 7.5 knots; with the asymmetric spinnaker, at the carrying swell of 120° the speed achieved is 9.5 knots.

Sail plan optimization

A high sail plan is the hallmark of every Hanse, designed with the use of highly sophisticated computational models. This ensures that you have the best sailing characteristics in all conditions, and ensures that your Hanse is one of the fastest yachts in its class.

Outstanding performance comes from having a sloping stern and a straight bow. This clever design provides a long and optimal waterline at any angle of heel.

Sails are trimmable for professional sailing, including a seamlessly adjustable backstay. This allows the mast and sail profile to adapt perfectly to the wind at all times.

Hanse’s concept of “Easy Sailing” is now legendary. We invented the integrated self-centering jib and brought all the steering lines into the cockpit. This gives you absolute control in all navigational maneuvers. This means you can steer your yacht alone or while enjoying time with guests. The deck is free of ropes and accessories, offering uncompromising comfort and space while you are at sea or relaxing in port.

The self-tacking jib allows the yacht to be maneuvered quickly and easily. When tacking or gybing, the headsail automatically and smoothly slides to the correct side on the integrated deck rails. Gennaker or self-tacking jib? The second forestay on the bow allows changing sails from the cockpit.

In terms of rudder design, Hanse 508 offers high agility without compromising safety. A pre-balanced rudder was developed, whose efficient surface area is larger than average. This makes steering the yacht a breeze in any situation.




Long, tapered lines and carefully rounded edges give the Hanse508 a modern, sleek appearance. With the barbecue, refrigerator and sink in the optional wetbar, the cockpit becomes the social hub of the boat.

Hanse 508

External focus

  • Optional hydraulic bathing platform made of teak wood
  • Optional outdoor bar station with sink, barbecue and refrigerator
  • The deck also offers plenty of space for relaxation
  • Double rudder
  • Two fold-down tables that transform the cockpit into a wellness oasis
  • Side glass portholes
  • Eleven openable deck hatches
  • Hanse self-supporting jib
  • Three hatches and two hull windows to the master cabin
  • Second forestay for the gennaker



The interiors enjoy an ideal combination of sunlight and lighting effects to accentuate the environment. The use of space is smart thanks to movable interior elements. Hanse 508 offers the ability to customize the boat like no other, with ten layout options below deck. The fully equipped longitudinal kitchen has been meticulously designed to the highest standard. With two large refrigerators, you will never be short of fresh supplies. A dishwasher and three-burner gas stove replicate the comforts of home.

Hanse 508

Our luxurious owner’s cabin on the Hanse 508 is an oasis of peace and tranquility thanks to advanced soundproofing. The designer bathroom in the room provides complete privacy. The airy atmosphere of the Hanse 508 continues in the aft guest cabins, each with its own bathroom for children and guests. Large closets, cabinets and shelves provide plenty of storage space.

Hanse 508 – Interior Focus

  • Spacious aft cabins, each with its own bathroom for children and guests
  • Swivel television set
  • Chart table that, when not needed for navigation, can serve as a desk or a convenient side table. Or the seat can be folded down to save space.
  • Fully equipped single-wall pantry on the port side
  • Roof compartments in trendy colors Pearl Grey or Dove Grey
  • Comfortable living room with sofa lounge for six to eight people
  • Exclusive new woods and decors
  • Luxurious and quiet master stateroom
  • Cabin with king-size island bed, plenty of storage space, large designer bathroom and optional TV
  • Exclusive woods and high-quality finishes create a truly inspiring living space, while the lounge sofa and adjustable bench offer great comfort
  • Programmable lighting system always allows you to create the right atmosphere


Data sheet

LOA 15,55 m
Hull length 14,93 m
Beam 4,75 m
Draft L-keel, medium 2,40 m
Draft L-keel, shallow 1,98 m
Displacement medium 14,70 t
Displacement shallow 15,10 t
Diesel engine 80 HP
Fuel tank 280 l
Fresh water 630 l
CE certification A – 12
Design Judel/Vrolijk & Co.
Interior HanseYachts Design
Mast length above WL 22,05 m
Total sail area 118 m²
Main sail 66,5 m²
Self-tacking jib 51,50 m²
Reacher 87 m²
Gennaker 200 m²



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