HP MWT is the brand new marina water treatment system using reverse osmosis membranes, that bring TDS and total hardness to very low levels, protecting all system s that use fresh water from limescale, and allowing a no-spots effects on all the surfaces. HP MWT systems are designed to provide water with very low TDS and hardness to safeguard the systems, saving on maintenance of boilers, pipes, pumps, toilets, washing machines, dishwashers. HP MWT is already interfaced with Part-NET Interface.

HP MWT is the brand new marina water treatment system, which allow, in a completely automatic way thanks to the connection of the floating switch and the Part-NET interface with all the navigation plotters (Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno and Navico), to adjust the TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) to almost 0 and avoid any type of encrustation, obstruction or the creation of impurities, caused by the concentrations of mineral salts in the water from the marina. HP MWT is equipped with an automatic On and Off function through the floating switch of the fresh water tank, maintaining an optimal level.

Unlike many other systems, HP MWT guarantees the complete removal of all ions that can cause limescale and encrustations, safeguarding boilers, toilets, sinks, showers, taps, pipes, washing machines, dishwashers. Any impurities of limescale and any other encrusting molecule will be eliminated. It will therefore be possible to save on maintenance interventions on all devices that use fresh water.

In addition to saving the entire freshwater system of the boat, HP MWT will allow to wash the surfaces of the boat without drying, and eliminates limescale when the surfaces have dried, allowing the end user a enormous time saving during the stop at the marina. HP MWT is studied and designed for any type of boat, Superyacht or Megayacht.

Thanks to the Part-NET Interface technology, all the parameters, commands and diagnostics of the system can be controlled by the on-board plotter or by the monitoring system. With the start and shutdown of the system by a floating switch, installed in the fresh water tank, HP MWT will work autonomously and automatically.


Click here to read and download the HP MWT data sheet


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