What is Part-NET?

Part-Net is the first and only user friendly interface in the world for watermakers, easy to install and ready to communicate with all plotters on the market, Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, Simrad, B&GG and Lowrance. HP Part-NET interface is designed for the control of fully automatic HP RP TRONIC Watermakers.

The goal of HP Watermakers, which is the basis of Part-NET, is to bring the watermaker into the hands of the users (owner, captain), involving them in the choice of machinery and accessories. In this way they can access the HP Watermakers app directly from the plotters of any brand on the market, and while they cruising, they can use the watermaker, start it, stop it, control it, access all the functions without taking their eyes off the navigation.

Take control

It will be possible to control the start, the stop, the reset, the settings, the errors, the interactive manual of the watermaker, thanks to the Part-NET interface or on the new 7” TOUCH SCREEN REMOTE CONTROL PANEL.

• Part-Net 7” touch screen is a hub which exchanges the BUS signals from the watermaker’s PLC and transforms it into protocols, sent to its own screen, to the navigation plotters and to the Internet. Part-Net is equipped with one RJ45 port which is direct connected to the plotter hubs or to the internet switch.
• The communication through this port is direct, so once ethernet cable is connected to the plotters, automatically the watermaker hardware is detected and all the pages, which are displayed by the browser on the touch screen remote control will be visualized also on the plotters. On some models like Raymarine Axiom HP Watermaker logo is shown in its app page by default even if the hardware is not connected. On all the others the logo is shown only if the hardware is connected to the plotter.
• Once the hardware is connected, the user can control all the functions of HP Watermakers RP TRONIC series, directly from the chart plotters by browsing the different available pages.
• If a internet connection is available on board, Part-Net will be able to send the same pages on the internet, where the machine will be controlled by its dedicated cloud portal for the BiBi telecontrol system.


Click here to read and download the HP Part-NET data sheet


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