Ice 80


Ice 80

The new ICE 80 joins the ICE range, combining the typical style of the shipyard’s elegant RS models with the versatility and elegance of its Blue Water Cruiser models.

The refinement and dynamism of this yacht are enhanced by its exclusive design, both gritty and majestic, created once again by Felci Yacht Design.

A few masterfully drawn lines reveal its thoroughbred character, docile and reliable.

The curve of its “reverse sheerline,” the reflections of the hull molded like a work of art, the unflappable “look” traced by the glazing of its deckhouse, and the sleek proportion of its lines all underscore its unparalleled power.

Ice 80 is a 24-meter sailboat that offers the experience of steering a racing boat: “racing” trim and “ease of control.” The numerically controlled retractable keel transfers the power of the sail plan to an all-carbon craft, made according to the highest design and engineering concepts. The Ice 80’s steering system uses innovative materials and technologies, allowing total control and maximum pleasure at the helm.

Power and stability make every sailing simple and exhilarating, giving the ability to easily tame waves and wind.

Ice 80 – Exteriors – Deck

From the cockpit benches, edged in solid teak, to the bollards built into the gunwale; from the light sockets on the deck, to the cockpit table “carved” in carbon, to the most hidden details: all of this is part of a broad project that has seamanship, safety, and maximum efficiency as its ultimate target.

Ice 80

The furling mainsail system in the boom, the furling headsails and the Ice 80’s self tacking genoa rail allow for absolutely easy handling, unthinkable for a yacht of these characteristics. The deck plan’s maneuvers, the result of the shipyard’s and designers’ extensive seafaring experience, ensure perfect handling of this powerful off-the-shelf machine, whether you want to dominate an offshore race or turn it into a docile traveling companion. Power requires to be controlled, and only an approach suffices on years of experience to achieve this.

The hi-tech boat

The LED projectors, cleverly located both on deck and inside, make it possible to create new environments and scenarios every time, differentiating their intensity and colors thanks to new home automation systems. This is on the side of an uncompromisingly designed and built system, using top-notch components, ready to offer maximum efficiency. Ease of operation and control of machinery goes hand in hand with the reliability of each plant, designed for the best efficiency and environmental sustainability. The new steering columns, whose design certainly does not go unnoticed, allow the boat to be fully managed. While sailing, on the Ice 80 every safety and management system can be activated and controlled by standing “at the tiller” and always maintaining control, even in the most challenging conditions. Coordinately managed bow and stern propellers make it easy to moor in any situation.


The elegance of the rooms moves across throughout this brand new ICE 80, and its great brightness enhances the symmetry and modernity of its interiors. The unique configuration of the master cabin, which offers a king-size “island” bed, allows the experience of a “suite” with a sea view in total comfort. Guest cabins offering privacy and comfort, each equipped with customizable air conditioning, separate bath and shower, wify system, and folding Tv screens.

Ice 80

The modern and elegant look of its interior, its light and natural materials, and brightness characterize all details, even the most hidden ones. The other rooms, kitchen area and captain’s cabin, the engine room, are designed with the goal of maximum efficiency and functionality. The site’s construction skills and the aptitude for working in detail with the utmost precision of its workers are enhanced by the style of the unprecedented Felci design, which with its cleanliness and harmony enhances these established skills.

Data sheet

Loa 24,00 mt
B. max 6,20 mt
Dspl 35 t
Sail Area 330 m2
Construction Ice Yachts
Project Felci Yacht Design


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