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Koonaa Elvstrøm Sails

Different boats require different solutions. KOONAA is a tailormade to fit the particular needs of a multihull boat, whether being the performance cruiser or the leisure cruiser. Go special, go with KOONAA. Stand out! Your boat is your signature. Our sail designs are tailored to your special needs.

Koonaa Fathead – Double Taffeta, Vectran/Technora

The EPEX layout, with optimum fiber distribution, allows us to build a stable and efficient Square Top. An optimum designed square head provides easy trimming and control. When the wind increases, the top of the sail will twist, and the result is a flatter sail. In light wind, the extra area gives the boat more power. The square head mainsail has full battens, which in addition to making the sail stable when sailing also makes the sail pack itself when lowering it into your zippack. The double taffeta layer protects the sail from chafe, wear, and tear, and additionally, it protects the fibers from UV degrading. We will together with you find the best solution regarding the type of fibers and surface combinations.

Koonaa Elvstrøm Sails – Multihull Sails

Taffeta is available in light and heavy and in grey and white. The Vectran/Technora fiber combination is the most popular fiber combination for the cruising sailor both high performing and durable.

Performance – Durability – Price

– Performance: 8

– Durability: 8

– Price: 8

Note: performance, durability, and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale from 1-10, 10 being the highest.

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For more details, the technical data sheet and the various combinations of layouts, materials and fittings go to the page:


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