Liberty Pass by Nauticoncept


Today, boat charters can use boat club services to increase their income. But the terms and conditions of this type of platforms are too restrictive and the entry fees too high.

Nauticoncept came up with THE digital solution to help boaters create their own “Boat Club”, with their own name, image, no restrictions and conditions that they set themselves.

Do you have a fleet of boats? Do you want to optimise its management? It’s easy. Don’t wait for charterers to arrive in high season, when the supply/demand ratio automatically becomes complicated to manage. You can rent your boats all year round.

Liberty Pass can be adapted to your needs:

  • Adaptation to your boat range
  • No boat purchase obligation
  • No fee-sharing
  • Set your own schedule
  • 100% smart safe fleet
  • Contact-less check-in/check-out.

Every sector of activity today observes a shift from ownership to use. The modern consumer seeks to limit the inconvenience of ownership, but also to maximise his or her experience (travelling, etc.).

In other words, customers today want to pay only to use the assets and to be free from the constraints of ownership. Customers do not want to pay for maintenance, ownership or insurance.

Boating is no exception to this trend. Boat sales are stagnant or slowly growing, but the demand for strong, original experiences remains high. Therefore, it is crucial for boaters to adapt to this new trend.

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