Linssen 450 AC Variotop

Linssen 450 AC Variotop by SailPassion

Linssen 450 AC Variotop by SailPassion

Linssen Yachts is a Dutch shipyard that builds steel motor yachts in the 9 – 16 meter segment and has grown to become the market leader in this field. Linssen Yachts is truly synonymous with superior quality motor yachts thanks to its continuous development of innovative products and processes.

Since its foundation, Linssen Yachts has been the driving force behind innovations in yacht construction, and has remained so to this day. The unmistakable silhouette, which is also the DNA of Linssen Yachts, will always remain intact. In this way, you will have a motor yacht of exceptional value and stability over time.

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Linssen 450 AC Variotop


“Is this a Linssen 500 AC Variotop?” It’s a logical question that everyone asks when they see what is instead the new Linssen 450 AC Variotop approaching. The resemblance to the shipyard’s flagship model is striking, both inside and out. The few differences can be resumed as follows: 2.70 meters in overall length and only 2 meters in hull length. But it is above all the DNA of both models that is identical.

When we started designing the Linssen 450 AC Variotop, we made the very conscious choice to use the 500 as a base, even though, with a length of 13.75 meters and a width of 4.65 meters, the 450 is obviously shorter and narrower. Nevertheless, these are the perfect dimensions for the application of our Variotop design concept. In fact, the Variotop range is distinguished by its elevated driving position, which can be protected by the soft top in case of need or projected outdoors in good weather.

Linssen 450 AC Variotop – Interiors

If you take a close look at the designer’s work on this Linssen 450 AC Variotop, you will discover a difference on deck with the 500: the 500 has two off-center steps at the stern of the yacht, while the 450 – just like the 40.0 AC and the 45.0 AC – is equipped with Centre Line Traffic, i.e. a single, comfortable passageway to gain maximum space from the aft deck. Thanks to its ideal dimensions, the new Linssen 450 AC Variotop allows you to make all kinds of sea journeys comfortable and stress-free.

Linssen 450 AC Variotop – Data

Lenght overall: 13,75 meters
Beam: 4,65 meters
Draft: 1,20 meters
CE Classification: B
Fuel capacity: 2 x 750 litres
Water capacity: 720 litres
Displacement: 22.500 kg
Engines: 2 x Volvo Penta Diesel Type D3-110 – 2 x 82 kW (2 x 110 HP)

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