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MadMax Nautical Franchising was founded in 1999, grew and expanded quickly by going hands-on to cover all the nerve centers of the charter world so as to drastically cut costs by directly controlling all management phases, from the outfitting and maintenance of boats, to the management of reservations to the technical preparation of the future owner/skipper.

With 20 years of experience in nautical chartering, a professional skipper school unique in Europe, a boatyard with berths both on and off the water, and privileged relationships with top technical, legal and business professionals, the MadMax nautical franchise offers the franchisee a turnkey package that is sure to be successful.

The basis of a winning strategy

The MadMax nautical franchise philosophy is based on the principle that all the money saved is the company’s first profit.
Keeping costs under control is the most important item in any healthy business; knowing how to reduce them considerably is the guarantee of success for the MadMax nautical franchise.

In the boating world, more than in any other industry, costs can spiral out of control, starting with the cost of a berth and moving on to any maintenance work, boat surveyors, haul-outs, in-water and shore stops.

The MadMax nautical franchise makes available to the franchisee a range of facilitated technical and logistical services that would otherwise weigh markedly on the economics of the investment.
We have calculated that we are able to generate savings for the franchisee of about 20,000 euros per year compared to a “do-it-yourself” shipowner, while also offering him management know-how that is priceless.


Being part of a strong Group

Unity is strength, always!
It is with this belief that we support affiliates, both technically and logistically.
The new owner/skipper will be offered free embarkations to gain experience while waiting for the catamaran to be delivered to him/her, and for the first working season he/she will be supported by our experienced skippers if necessary.

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Tel and Whatsapp Erika: 371 323 4443
Tel and Whatsapp Alexander: 371 323 4379


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