Marin Elvstrøm – Crossover Performance

It is your way of life! You want the best of all worlds-whether you’re on vacation for the summer or engaged in a club regatta, choose MARIN. Feel free to reach exciting bays and new ports in complete safety. Seize the moment! Durability and performance go hand in hand.

Marin Elvstrøm

Marin Elvstrøm

Marin Elvstrøm – EMS Fatfurl Main – Double taffeta, Vectran/Technora

The FatFurl Main, available only from Elvstrøm, is specially designed with an optimal shape and maximum sail area for all modern high-performance cabin cruisers. The Fatfurl Main is larger than traditional horizontally battened sails. Continuous vertical battens with a carbon top end provide maximum support for the leech, whether the sail is fully unfurled or terzaroled. Full battens can also be used as reefing points, making the sail flat and efficient. Short intermediate splints serve the same function. The EPEX layout also ensures optimal fiber distribution and a strong and stable sail. We will find with you the best solution for fiber type and surface area. Optional integrated batten pockets are symmetrical and provide optimal airflow on the sail.

Marin Elvstrøm – Taffeta

Taffeta, used as an outer layer on both sides, adds strength and durability to the sail. It also improves resistance to UV rays, tearing, bending and rubbing. Taffeta is available in light or heavy weight and in gray and white colors. The Vectran/Technora fiber combination is the most popular among cruising enthusiasts who want a high-performance, long-lasting sail.

Performance – Duration – Price

– Performance 8

– Duration 8

– Price 8

Note: Performance, durability and price indicators are illustrated for each material combination on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest.

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