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Who we are

Policoro Marina is located in the center of the Gulf of Taranto along the coast of the Ionian Sea, in the fertile Metaponto plain. Equidistant (1 hour’s drive) from Bari and Brindisi airports, Policoro is also a few hours’ drive from Potenza and Matera, the capital of Basilicata. The modern and fully equipped Marina offers 322 berths for boats up to 40 meters in length and boasts a conformation capable of ensuring minimal wave agitation in the mooring dock. The boatyard located inside is equipped to perform work on all types of vessels and is served by a fueling facility.

An important seaside resort that is always interested in numerous cultural events, Policoro provides an ideal berth for those who love to travel and discover the Mediterranean. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea and a waterfront where you can find delicious restaurants, Policoro has become in recent years one of the most popular vacation destinations in the region. In addition to the discovery, of the unspoiled nature of the Pantano Forest, Policoro offers numerous itineraries for those who enjoy outdoor sports activities.

The Port


  • Protected water surface area: 60,000 m²
  • Port Inlet: bounded by 2 converging outer arms (located at N and S) enclosing an anti-reef reef (at N) and a breakwater (at S).
  • Depth of the seabed within the Marina: 3.5 m
  • Fixed docks: 9
  • Floating docks: 6
  • Total berths: 322
  • Maximum boat length: 40 mt
  • Prevailing winds: Sirocco
  • Crossing: Sirocco


  • South pier head: Red flashing light – light characteristics 0.5-1-0.5-4 = 6sec. period-range of light mg .6 height of light on the l.m.m. mt 8- coloring of the light support all red.
  • North pier head: Green flashing lantern-characteristic light 0.5-1-0.5-4= 6sec period-range of light mg. 6- height of light on the l.m.m. mt 8 -color of the lantern support all green.
  • Anti-reflection reef header: twin lanterns (2) fixed light green-light range mg.3 – height of the upper lantern light on the l.m.m. mt 7 – coloring of the lantern support all green.
  • Breakwater reef head: twin lanterns (2) with fixed red light-light range mg.3 – height of the upper lantern light on the l.m.m. mt 7 – coloring of the lantern support all red.
  • Seabed: sandy

The Services

  • Communication: radio listening on VHF channel 74 H24.
  • Fuel station at the harbor entrance with service, open year-round during daylight hours (upon request via VHF).
  • Fire extinguishing system on docks and piers.
  • Docks equipped with drinking water and electricity supply columns 220-380 volts up to 125 A.
  • Cleats and cleats for mooring on fixed docks and floating docks;
  • At the bow, mooring is available with traps or exotic wood briquettes;
  • Mooring assistance during daylight hours.
  • Underwater services with diver.
  • H24 surveillance and access control
  • Toilet facilities complete with shower.
  • 27 shore storage lockers available to boats for temporary storage of equipment, sails, etc.
  • Separate waste disposal collection with 2 dedicated ecological islands.
  • Bicycle, scooter and car rental.
  • Free Wi-Fi.
  • In the Marina: Bar Restaurant, Minimarket, nautical equipment supplier, equipped lido, sailing schools.
  • Within 500 m from the port: 5-star hotel with Spa and Pools




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