Meteomed Yachting Top


Meteomed Yachting Top

Meteomed Yachting Top is our all-inclusive yachting subscription. Includes:

  • SMS service (bulletins and warnings)
  • E-mail service (bulletins and warnings)
  • Automatic telephone bulletin
  • Synoptic tables for ports and sectors
  • Cartography
  • Meteornight
  • Meteorologist at your disposal

The special feature of the top subscription is the exclusive service of a professional meteorologist at your disposal. The 20 professional meteorologists in our operations room are available 7 days a week to conduct briefings, provide advice and insights with respect to the day’s forecast, and answer any questions or curiosities you may have.

By the very nature of meteorological science, the predictions proposed by mathematical models have a certain margin of error, which is more or less negligible. The meteorologist is the missing piece, the human component that with skills and experience can make a difference, the professional to consult when a discrepancy between forecast and reality is detected or when signs of instability appear.

By relying on one of our meteorologists, you can ensure yourself, your crew and your boat are safe enough to enjoy your day at sea with more peace of mind. The weatherman will be able to tell you the best time window to navigate, the propitious time to cast off your moorings, the strategic course to reach a particular destination.


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