2. Mini Cruises with Letyourboat

2. Mini Cruises with Letyourboat

Are you looking for a memorable boating holiday around the coast in search of destinations that cannot be reached from land?

The answer is www.letyourboat.com, the new frontier of the holiday that makes accessible what for many has always been a dream: a boating holiday.

Among the Letyourboat proposals you can choose the Mini Cruise to have a boat for exclusive use. Thanks to the presence of a qualified captain, and other selectable options including crew and hostesses, you can explore the coast from a unique perspective and reach locations accessible only by sea.

We show you some of our best proposals:


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Mini Cruises in Liguria with Letyourboat


Mini Cruises in Tuscany with Letyourboat


Mini Cruises in Sardinia with Letyourboat


Mini Cruises in Sicily with Letyourboat


Mini Cruises in Spain with Letyourboat


Why choose the Mini Cruise experience

The Mini Cruise is a solution for those who want to enjoy a holiday at sea in total freedom.

With a click you can choose from hundreds of boats for exclusive use: from splendid catamarans to fantastic yachts, in many locations around the Mediterranean. A unique and safe holiday, away from strangers and in full compliance with social distancing provisions.


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