Nauticoncept for charters


With Nauticoncept for charters you can create your own personalised digital check-ins, which include photographs taken in real time with your smartphone. The check-in can be done independently at the ponton before departure.

You can also monitor the use of the boat in real time (tracking and various on-board data) during the charter.


The Nauticsafe application allows you to monitor improper boating behaviour. Do you want your charterers to use your boats reasonably? Nauticsafe acts as a genuine sailing data recorder and enables you to monitor every vital sign of your boat.

Let renters automatically know of any upcoming risk and be immediately aware of any problem onboard, namely:

  • Defining prohibited sailing areas
  • Remote engine power and speed monitoring
  • Geolocating the boat in case of breakdown
  • Preventing energy failure
  • Respecting speed limits in the 300-meter area
  • Certifying incidents by a trustworthy third party
  • Daily sailing reports when checking out.
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