Fishing in freshwater


Lowrance, technology at the service of fishermen

Fishing in freshwater is now even easier, fun and above all effective thanks to the technology signed Lowrance, a leader in electronics for fishing for over 60 years. It is enough to have on board one of its innovative instruments dedicated to fishfinding, such as the Active Target, the Elite Fs or the Hook Reveal to monitor in real time the seabed under the boat and identify the prey, but also to use its new Ghost electric marine thrusters that allow fishermen to make longer fishing trips, navigate faster and approach without scaring the fish.

ActiveTarget Live sonar: the hunt begins!

The new high-resolution ActiveTarget™ Live sonar system can show real-time images of fish swimming in and around structure as soon as they notice the bait. This new technology combines outstanding live sonar functionality with the innovative high-resolution HDS® LIVE Fishing System with the recently introduced HDS® Carbon and Lowrance Elite FS™ displays – providing ActiveTarget Live Sonar connectivity to a wide range of displays in different price ranges.

ActiveTarget Live Sonar displays show high-resolution images of fish movements in real time and detail. With this instant feedback, anglers are able to instantly adjust their casting on present fish based on the live information they receive from the probe.


Getting fish to bite is even easier

Take advantage of high-resolution images of fish swimming around your structure and reacting to your bait, in real time, with the new ActiveTarget™ Live Sonar. In addition to Forward, Down or Scouting views, you can scan the position of fish around the boat and easily monitor their movements. Find out how fish interact with structure and react to bait, so you can adjust your fishing action and get them to bite. Get on board!

The strengths of Active Target™ Live are:

  • Ultra-high resolution
  • View underwater life with extraordinary clarity and breathtaking detail
  • Multiple views
  • Look around and below you with Forward, Down and Scout™ views
  • Easy to use

It’s easy to find and see fish, track their movements, cast bait and watch them react and bite, all in real time.


Multiple views of ActiveTarget

With three viewing options, ActiveTarget can be set to Forward, Down or Scout™ modes. Forward and Down views allow you to detect the presence of fish in front of or below the live sonar transducer, and Scout mode provides an ultra-wide, top-down view of fish structure and activity in front of the transducer – ideal for finding schools of fish.

Mounting Options

The ActiveTarget live sonar includes all necessary mounts for trolling motors, including mast mounts intended for Forward, Down and Scout views, motor mount for Forward and Down views, and a motor mount for Scout view. A transom mount is available as an additional accessory.



For more informatuions on ActiveTarget:


Elite FS, an infallible fishing system

Elite Fishing System, the latest addition to Lowrance’s mid-range fishfinder/chartplotter display line, combines a full suite of fishfinding tools with an easy-to-use, easy-to-install display. Elite FS gives anglers all the tools they need to find and catch more fish, with the ultra-high resolution ActiveTarget™ Live and Active Imaging™ sonar with Lowrance CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™.

Take advantage of ActiveTarget Live technology

See high-resolution images of fish in motion – monitor them as they swim back and forth with ActiveTarget Live sonar. This innovative solution allows users to find out how they position themselves in structures and how they react to the arrival of a lure. With this visualization, anglers know if the technique they’re using is correct or if it’s time to change it – information that traditional sonar or structure imagery simply doesn’t provide.

Enjoy the wide choice of maps

Optimize your worldwide basemap with a range of C-MAP cartography and spend more time fishing instead of searching for fish; upgrade to Genesis Live to enjoy real-time maps as well. Also compatible with Navionics and other chart providers.

Find more fish with Active Imaging

With 3-in-1 Active Imaging sonar featuring CHIRP, DownScan imaging with FishReveal™, you can see structure and covered area with a new level of detail accuracy, within a range never before achieved by other structure imaging technologies. Get the best of CHIRP and DownScan Imaging sonar technology in a single screen with FishReveal’s unique intelligent target display, which allows you to clearly distinguish fish from structure and covered area on highly detailed DownScan images.

Create a Complete Elite Fishing System

Full networking capability with built-in NMEA 2000® wireless and Ethernet connectivity lets you create the complete system. Add a Halo Dome Radar, an Outboard Pilot or share sonar, waypoint and other user data between multiple displays via Ethernet.

Available from authorized dealers in 7- and 9-inch displays, the new Elite FS series includes a range of model options with or without Active Imaging, as well as ActiveTarget Live Sonar transducer solutions.



For more informations on Elite FS:


HOOK Reveal, fishing has never been easier

The all-new HOOK Reveal fishfinder and chartplotter makes fishing easier by delivering exceptional performance with proven fishfinding tools, including auto-tuning sonar, optimized deepwater performance, SideScan, DownScan Imaging™ and now FishReveal™, which makes it easier to see fish by combining the benefits of Lowrance CHIRP sonar and DownScan Imaging™ in a single screen. For fishing in familiar areas or unknown waters, you can discover the best fishing spots and map unknown waters in real time with Genesis Live.

“HOOK Reveal takes the HOOK Series to a new level of fish-finding performance,” said Knot Frostad, CEO of Navico. “We are confident that revolutionary features such as FishReveal, Genesis Live and new transducer options for deep water performance will help anglers using HOOK Reveal achieve outstanding fishing results.”

FishReveal™ Tells You Where the Fish Are

Available in 9-, 7- and 5-inch models, HOOK Reveal includes one of Lowrance’s most popular features, FishReveal™ and its real-time mapping solution, Genesis Live. FishReveal makes it easier to find and identify fish by combining Lowrance CHIRP sonar target separation and high-resolution fish stationing structure imagery from DownScan Imaging™ in a single screen.

Real-time mapping with Genesis Live

Genesis Live offers anglers the ability to create bathymetric maps with ½ foot intervals of the local lake or unknown waters in real time on the screen of HOOK Reveal displays. Genesis Live maps can be created and saved to HOOK Reveal by inserting a blank microSD card into the card slot.

Auto-tuning sonar

With a simple interface and HOOK’s unique auto-tuning sonar, HOOK Reveal is easy to use. Spend more time fishing and less time reworking settings with auto-tuning sonar, which helps you always get the best sonar image by automatically adjusting settings when fishing conditions change.

Large displays and intuitive menus

Whether you’re fishing a local lake or unfamiliar waters, HOOK Reveal makes it easy to locate key fishing areas like ridges, overhangs and channels with optional chart updates including C-MAP, C-MAP Genesis, Navionics® and more.

With HOOK Reveal, anglers can choose their preferred combination of display size, sonar type and navigation from TripleShot (High Frequency CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging™) or for advanced deepwater performance, the 50/200 HDI or 83/200 HDI sonar (FishReveal and DownScan Imaging™).

For more information on HOOK Reveal:


The new Ghost electric motors

The new Ghost models, with 47-inch (119) 52-inch (132 cm) and 60-inch (152 cm) shanks, respectively, offer all the benefits and features of the original Ghost electric motor to boats with higher bow.

Now there’s a Lowrance trolling motor to meet the needs of all bass anglers and for a wider range of multi-species and walleye fishing boats.


Lowrance Ghost electric motor features include:

  • Brushless motor

The Ghost’s brushless motor generates 25% more thrust than the competition and offers up to 45% more hours of operation on a single charge, which equates to nearly a day of extra fishing. The combination of precision manufacturing, exclusive fabrication materials and a state-of-the-art propeller design that prevents snagging in kelp delivers more thrust and greater efficiency.

  • Zero sonar interference

The Ghost’s brushless motor helps eliminate noise and, unlike common brush motors, has no brushes that wear out, providing superior reliability and longer life. The brushless motor emits no electromagnetic interference, giving anglers the sharpest possible sonar views with zero interference on the screen.

  • Integration

Users can steer, adjust speed, configure route navigation or anchor in a current location with the touchscreen control of a Lowrance display with SmartSteer™ interface. Ghost pairs easily with HDS LIVE, HDS Carbon and Elite-Ti² displays via a simple NMEA 2000 connection.

  • Lowrance plug-and-play sonar

Ghost offers two integrated sonar nosepiece options, including HDI (CHIRP and DownScan Imaging™) and optional Active ImagingTM 3-in-1 transducers (CHIRP, SideScan and DownScan Imaging sonar). All engines come with an HDI transducer, but can be upgraded to a different nosepiece at any time.

  • Fly-By-Wire steering

Fly-By-Wire’s instant, smooth steering gives the Ghost the feel of a cable-steer motor, but without the mechanical cables that wear out over time. Regardless of the brand of trolling motor used previously, anglers will immediately feel comfortable with the Ghost’s innovative, fully user-configurable pedal. The pedal can be customized to your preferences via programmable hot keys and a Flip Switch that can be moved to allow the trolling motor to be used on either side of the pedal. The various mode buttons have LED lights and an audible signal that provides feedback when a mode is activated. The foot control also features a battery level indicator. In addition, Ghost 60 includes a standard remote control for easy control anywhere on the boat.

  • Rugged construction

The 360-degree shock mount is designed to withstand any impact and automatically realigns once the affected structure is removed. A composite shank, with a lifetime warranty, helps resist impact and an integrated stabilizer bar reduces bounce when gliding in rough water. The pedal cable is secured to the mount with sturdy clips that prevent it from moving around on deck, preventing damage to rods and reels and obstructing the view of Lowrance fishfinders installed nearby.

  • Versatile installation

The motor weighs less than 3 pounds (1.8 kg) compared to equivalent brush-mounted motors, allowing it to be installed, operated and stored more easily. The Ghost is designed to operate in 24 or 36 volt systems, with a thrust of up to 44/54 kg respectively and allows for future battery and charger upgrades.



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