Pirelli 42


Pirelli 42, born to go beyond the limits

Pirelli 42 is the starting point of a new path, which collects and enhances the DNA of a unique brand, a perfect synthesis of the experience, know-how and technology of the models that preceded it. Characterised by the tread pattern of the PIRELLI Blue Wet tyre used in the greatest competitions on the track and shown on the tubular, it represents the most authentic homage to Pirelli’s expertise in “extreme wet” tyres.

Pirelli 42 with its walkaround layout moves the limit of the inflatable boat to a level never imagined before, to conquer new spaces in an exclusive experience. Designed by the Mannerfelt Design Team, already winner with TecnoRib of the Red Dot Award for the PIRELLI 1400, the PIRELLI 42 takes up its legacy and goes beyond it, not only in terms of size, but above all in a philosophy of use that, while maintaining its sportiness, adds to the livability of a great yacht.

Pirelli 42: unique design and interior

The lines of Pirelli 42 are the right evolution of the style and philosophy present in the PIRELLI maxi rib designed by the Mannerfelt Design Team. Sportiness and clean lines give a unique elegance that will enchant even the most demanding owner. The Pirelli 42 has been designed in every detail in order to guarantee a comfortable and relaxed life on board. The large bow sundeck offers comfort and safety to those who want to enjoy the sea in its entirety, while the cockpit is equipped according to the owner’s requests and allows to accommodate many guests in perfect comfort.

Born from a path begun with PIRELLI 1400, the design of Pirelli 42 combines personality and character. The blanket walkaround layout favours open spaces, from the surprising living area to the forward sofa. The spaces below deck are the result of research aimed at satisfying the owner’s requirements, with the aim of making the most of every space offered by PIRELLI 42. Elegance, luxury and practicality are the terms that best describe the result obtained from this process. Moreover, the owner is given the possibility to choose the finishes that best suit his or her tastes from a wide selection of the most sophisticated lacquers and essences used in the nautical sector.

PIRELLI 42 data sheet

  • Length: 13.10 metri
  • Width: 4.10 metri
  • Passengers: 14
  • Fuel tank: 950 litri
  • Water tank: 200 litri
  • Engines in outboard versions:
    from 700 hp to 860 hp Gasoline
    from 640 hp to 800 hp Diesel
  • Engines outboard versions:
    from 700 hp to 900 hp
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