PlasDECK Classic


PlasDECK, only the best

The only one with anti-aging patent

All types of plastic contain oils which are usually free to move around inside it. They will migrate to the surface, where they could be washed away or will migrate downwards of the material compromising the seal of the glue.

Oils contained in PlasDECK do not migrate and are locked in place. This means that PlasDECK will not dry out and/or crumble over time while maintaining its adhesion to the bottom. This is an exclusive PlasDECK proprietary process and cannot be found in other synthetic coating products on the market thanks to two US patents (US Patents 7,578,251 and 7,616,791).

The best UV protection

PlasDECK is equipped with the best UV protection available on the market, that is the same used to protect the plastic parts of the cars of the best car manufacturers. The UV protection is inside the entire thickness of the material to prevent it from reducing over time.

Anti-fungal inhibitors

Mould and fungi can grow in all wet environments. However, with the anti-fungal additive contained in PlasDECK, mold and fungi do not have a chance to form. Thanks to its unique chemical composition PlasDECK will always keep this protection inside and avoid their migration to the surface as in other products on the market.

Better adhesion

Tests have shown that having a smooth surface on the underside of PlasDECK offers better adhesion and allows the use of less adhesive than grooved bottoms. Grooved products are more prone to early release as it is difficult to ensure that all areas of a grooved design are evenly filled with glue. This can create voids that trap air and moisture underneath the material and promote the formation of air bubbles.

Bleach Resistant

Unlike other synthetic decking systems, PlasDECK does not suffer from bleach. PlasDECK will not fade, so you can use bleach on board without fear of discoloration.


PlasDECK will never let you slip, its non-slip grip is the best both wet and dry thanks to the grip provided by its surface.


With the same coloring PlasDECK reaches temperatures from 3 to 6 degrees lower than other synthetic teak on the market. This difference, on very hot days, allows an even more optimal comfort.

In addition, the Coolteak color range of PlasDECK reaches even lower temperatures thanks to the very light color shades.

Plasdeck is 100% ecological

SYNTEAK is very sensitive to environmental issues and offers a product, PlasDECK, which is completely recyclable. All the processing waste is recycled by the manufacturing company for the creation of other products (the only manufacturing company that recycles the product internally) and the processed and installed material can be recovered and recycled at the end of its life cycle.

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