PlasDECK Reveal

PlasDECK Reveal

Versatile, innovative, unique

REVEAL has been designed to give more opportunities for customization in the most sporty applications which often need more innovative and unique solutions (motor boats, inflatables, jet skis).

The need of these categories to have a less expensive and more customizable product has led them in recent years to adopt foam (EVA foam) solutions with a low durability and limited resistance. This has led PlasDECK® to think of a new solution that maintains the “custom” capabilities of foams but with the chemical properties of PlasDECK®, so as to guarantee an unlimited life span and zero maintenance. All this is REVEAL.

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The first 100% customizable synthetic teak

REVEAL revolutionizes the classic processing method of normal synthetic PVC teak, bringing the possibilities of customization to levels never seen before. The lines are in fact created through a CNC machine milling process and can therefore be reproduced in any shape and design.

Curved lines, rhombuses, honeycomb, logos and any other design can be included in a completely unique REVEAL project for your boat.

Ecological and economical

REVEAL is created with the same process as ECO SERIES and will therefore have the same innovative features. In fact, 60% of its thickness is composed of recycled PlasDECK® while the remaining 40% in normal PlasDECK®. This allows it to be even more ecological and at the same time more economical while maintaining the same quality and aesthetics of PlasDECK®.

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