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The coolest accessories and products of the moment in the nautical lifestyle

Zen – Natural Zebra Yellow Lenses

Recycled sunglasses from boats with natural zebra wood frame. UV-400 polarized yellow mirrored anti-reflective lens.

Portable Projector X Spot

X-Spot portable projectorIP67 portable and floating projector. The flash mode can be activated by pressing 2 seconds on the trigger button. It can be used as a power bank to charge compatible usb devices. Battery life about 2 hours.

Jobe Infinity Island

Extend your boat with Infinity Island and create the perfect playground. Ideal for sunbathing, yoga, playing games and docking your jet ski or stand up paddle board.

Big Sup J.Bay Zone Y3 5 Meters

More friends more fun! The new BIG SUP Y3 JBAY.ZONE inflatable Stand Up Paddle measures an impressive 518x152cm with a Rail thickness of 20cm and can comfortably carry up to 6 paddlers. D-rings located on the perimeter and in the middle part of the deck provide convenient support for being able to install the semi-rigid seats useful for converting the paddleboard into a kayak. Backpack included.

Steiner Commander Lrf Binoculars With Laser Distance Sensing

The STEINER Commander LRF is the perfect choice for those who want professional marine binoculars of the highest quality and at the same time want to measure the distance to objects more accurately. In fact, the Commander LRF has a laser technology meter that can accurately measure objects up to a distance of 1,700 meters. The Commander LRF offers a 30-year warranty (but not on the electronic parts), is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters, is indestructible, and numbers a set of optical solutions that push it to such a level of quality that a comparison with any other marine binoculars on the market becomes inappropriate.

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