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Purifiers & Filters to always have water ready on board

Under-sink Water Purifier / Gasifier

With the boat water purifier “Osmosis Fridge Gasser,” you can finally rid your lockers of bulky and heavy water supplies, producing fresh, ready-to-drink water in complete autonomy. The FRIGOGASATOR is equipped with an internal Reverse Osmosis filtration system, which directly treats mains water, producing cold, room-temperature sparkling osmotized water.

Subzoccolo Water Purifier

The YS-04-NV 3-stage reverse osmosis “Subzoccolo YS-04-NV” water purification system is the least cumbersome and most efficient solution for producing natural, ready-to-drink fresh water directly from your boat’s drinking water system. The great advantage of this boat water purifier is that it is to be placed in the skirting board part underneathw the sink top, taking up a very small footprint.

Water Purifier Uv Tanks Oji Nautic

With Oji Nautic today you can drink water directly from your boat’s tanks! Drinking water on board too often limits sailing range. Water bottles are inconvenient to carry and stow, they create weight, but most importantly, they are a long-standing habit that is very harmful to the environment.

Manual Boat Water Gasifier

The manual carbonator will allow you to get carbonated water right on board your boat without having to carry additional bottles. Quick and easy to use requires no electricity to operate, you will only have to use the gas release button to get more or less carbonated water depending on the amount of gas delivered.

Replacement Filters For Water Purification Kit

Made from Carbon Block and fortified with antibacterial silver, these filters when replaced regularly in your Silver Carbon Filter Kit will always ensure fresh, ready-to-drink water straight from your boat’s tanks. MSF Silver water filters effectively purify water, reducing chlorine and removing bacteria,microorganisms, chemical residues, odors and unpleasant tastes.

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