Explore the Amalfi Coast cruising on a sailboat


Our Charter Base on the Amalfi Coast features 17 boats: from 38 foot sailing boats to spacious catamarans. Here are some examples for your next holiday:
sail on board Lagoon 42 “Gelsomino” (2020) from 05.06.2021 to 12.06.2021 at € 6.290
sail on board Beneteau Oceanis 46.1 “Tyche” (2020) from 10.07.2021 to 17.07.2021 at € 4.490
sail on board Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 “Aphros” (2018) from 21.08.2021 to 28.08.2021 at € 7.190

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Book by March 2021 and get 15% Early Booking discount, our fleet has over 80 boats available! And remember that, if you are unable to travel due to the health emergency, you can change your travel dates: find out more on our website.

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