Trim stabilizers SMART TABS


Trim stabilizers SMART TABS

The SX-series incorporates all the fully automatic features of the popular SMART TABS and combines them with the advantages of using moulded composite materials, which are free of rust and corrosion. Assembly can be completed in seconds and installation in minutes. The only tools required are a drill with a 3/16″ bit and a star-shaped screwdriver.

SMART TABS SX offers unrivalled performance and durability without maintenance in fresh or salt water. The system can be specifically optimised to maximise the performance of any motorboat and TRACKING RIBS have been added to improve handling at higher speeds.


Smoother and faster acceleration. 40% less bow lift and 35% less glide speed. Higher top speed. Improved handling and smoother ride in any water. Lower fuel costs: -11%. Assembly and installation in minutes. Integral design eliminates the need for keys. All components “lock in” thanks to self-locking pins.

Systems for yachts from 21′ to 25′ and up to 250 HP

This larger version of the SMART TABS SX has 32% more surface area to maximise improvements in handling, ride and efficiency for motorboats from 21 to 25 feet. The new hinge design incorporates four mounting bosses to ensure durability on larger boats. The SX10512 series also features increased actuator load capacity to accommodate heavier engines and larger hulls

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