Sunflower Evolution MV


Sunflower Evolution MV – Evolving Coverage

Sunflower Evolution MV represents the elegant and functional sunscreen that is ideal for large sundeck spaces. A parasol that becomes a piece of furniture, Girasole Evolution is the flagship of Yachting Line production for mega yachts.

Multivalve® System

The revolution of this sunshade is represented by Multivalvola® System, an exclusive GardenArt patent.

The modern and innovative design of the canopy with concentric fabric flaps allows the passage of air and reduces the sail effect while ensuring maximum wind resistance. The outflow of warm air through the free spaces between flaps gives unparalleled coolness to shaded areas.

Sunflower Evolution MV – Microperforated fabric and minimal footprint

The special fabric of the Sunflower Evolution, like all Yachtingline canopies, has microholes to provide cool, ventilated shade.

The pursuit of excellence and the highest quality is exalted in the choice of cover fabrics. With characteristics of high sun protection, wind and salt resistance, maximum level of shading, and ease of maintenance, all of the proposed fabrics optimally meet the needs of use in the marine industry.

Soltis® 96 and Batyline® ISO are micro-aerated, pre-stretched, non-deformable, tear-resistant polyester fabrics that block the sun’s rays by evacuating heat while providing visibility to the outdoors. Tempotest® and Irisun® are elegant 100% acrylic fabrics, waterproofed with Teflon treatment that ensure the dye’s resistance to the elements.

Yachting Line sun covers are available in a wide range of colors, from the most classic to the most original.


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Technical characteristics of the Sunflower Evolution MV

  • Multivalve® System
  • Soltis® Ferrari microperforated fabric or 100% acrylic
  • Choice of colors from swatchbook
  • Stand Stainless steel AISI 316L mirror polished (60mm, 76mm, 90mm)
  • Frame Anodized aluminum
  • AISI 316L stainless steel winch opening
  • Unimarine® Fabric Protective Liner
  • DR* (optional) Zipper on the arm.
  • Making custom sizes upon request

Dimensions (cm):







Ø 250

Ø 300

Ø 350

Ø 385


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*DR (double rotation system)

The DR system makes it possible to place in

safety the top closed for a minimum

clutter during navigation.


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