Teak Naturale

Teak Naturale

What wood do we use?

Tectona Grandis grows on Indonesian plantations. The teak planks are selected from slow-growing trees, with trunks 30-50 years old. Their resistance to rot, according to data from the Institute of Wood Science, is considerably higher than Burma teak.

Our teak has an FSC certificate which certifies that it comes from responsible and traceable plantations.

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Why choose Indonesian teak?

1) Indonesia has and has never had wild teak forests, all the teak comes from artificial plantations started more than 200 years ago and no forest has been felled to enlarge these plantations. This implies that Indonesian teak does not contribute to deforestation.

2) There is a big difference between cheap, fast-growing teak, not very often and a teak specifically selected for the marine industry.

3) The geographical location of the plantations is not important for the final quality. What matters are slow and controlled growth, experience in selection and proper maintenance by the end customer. This allows teak to last for generations.

4) Through appropriate documentation each delivery can be tracked down to details of the plantation where that teak tree grew and was replaced by a new plant. This is guaranteed by the FSC certificate.

For information, data sheets and photos, as well as to order the product, just go to: https://www.teakcomposito.it/teak/.

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