TITAN ONE is a line of nanotechnological water-based products able to change forever the concept of cleaning, maintenance and protection of surfaces.

  • ECOLOGICAL: composition based on H20
  • LONG LENGTH: the product remains active for at least 7 years
  • ECONOMIC: with low costs you get great savings, economic and in terms of time
  • PURIFYING: sanitizing surfaces
  • DOES NOT ALTER OR CHANGE the properties of treated surfaces
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An epochal change in the way glass is treated, thanks to the action of the sun.
The sunlight activates the product applied on the surfaces, obtaining the decomposition of the deposited carbon substances and the transformation of atmospheric pollutants into simple nitrogen, a volatile gas already present in the air.

After the application of TITAN ONE, rain and/or sea water slides away, removing dirt and impurities and leaving the surface clean and shiny. After applying the product, it is no longer necessary to clean the glass for several years.



The visual effect is of hydro-repellence: very simple, dirt flows away. In this way the surface remains clean over time and is more resistant to scratches, dirt and sun exposure.


TITAN ONE maintains the same identical colour and gloss properties, it resists even more than 1000 hours of acetic salt spray slowing down its natural corrosion.

As for the use on glass, all surfaces subject to frequent use such as handles, handrails, cases or even buttons, once treated, guarantee for a long time an effective antiviral and antibacterial action.


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